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Charles IV And His Family

Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

Charles IV And His Family - Francisco De Goya y Lucientes -

Title:Charles IV And His Family
Painted by:Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

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nice painting! Nice website!
nice painting
Posted by Tiger on 5.September 2008, 06:49

This is an amazing website. I plan to share it with my students.
Excellent Website
Posted by Sara Beckner on 30.October 2010, 15:17

this really helped a lot in my project in humanities:)

Posted by ellain on 25.April 2011, 22:31

This is a portrait of the decadent Spanish monarchy. Can you tell that illumination is poor; and shadows are a metaphor of the declining power? They do not need to represent Spain anymore. Besides that, the faces of all the people in it are alike, and it is not for blood reasons. They are not attractive at all to the people. It stands for a preposterous and repetitious image that no one can tell apart. Can you tell who is at the left side in the back of the painting? Like Velazquez' Goya also wanted inmortality for himself. This is a painting that rather reflects the inner wishes of the Spanish People, who, by then were fed-up with corruption, and were longing for a Republican- style political system.
Carlos Iand His family
Posted by O. A. Lopez on 24.June 2011, 22:50

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