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Saturn Devouring His Sons

Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

Saturn Devouring His Sons - Francisco De Goya y Lucientes -

Title:Saturn Devouring His Sons
Painted by:Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

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very amazing inernal immotion >>>>>>>> woow
Posted by Aziz on 23.November 2010, 15:04

wow. amazinggg!

Posted by brad pit on 18.January 2011, 16:18

i sense that Goya was feeling very emotional at this stage of his life, and he was showing this through his artwork.. very colourful. wow
Posted by Rachel on 14.February 2011, 09:37

This looks amazing!! But Im not sure what its about....? :/

Posted by Dallas on 27.February 2011, 04:40

truly a work of a mad genius

Posted by Kouyou on 28.March 2011, 15:43

It is the god Saturn. He was told that he would be overthrown by one of his sons, so when each of his children were born he ate them.
Response to Dallas
Posted by CKnott on 29.October 2011, 19:24

This painting depicts Saturn(or Kronos, in Greek) devouring one of his sons, like in the Greek/Roman myth thet says that Saturn/Kronos devoured his sons to stop them from overthrowing him. It seems prettty gory.
Saturn devouring his sons
Posted by Joe Bob on 2.February 2012, 17:16

This is amazing he has did amazing pictures like this

Posted by Halley on 17.February 2012, 10:50

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