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Self-Portrait I

Francisco De Goya y Lucientes

Self-Portrait I - Francisco De Goya y Lucientes -

Title:Self-Portrait I
Painted by:Francisco De Goya y Lucientes
Dimensions:17.32 inch wide x 22.84 inch high

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hi i think it would be hard to paint yourself without a camera. i am a really bad painter!
Posted by sophie on 12.November 2008, 03:58

i kind like this one heheheheheheee
the painting
Posted by Sam on 13.November 2008, 08:48

This picture is really, rather haunting. He has such a young face in the picture, but he seems rather malevolent

Posted by Ellen on 26.October 2009, 13:00

wow did you use a camara to take a picture of your self.Or did you use a mirrow.
the self portide
Posted by selena whitman on 6.December 2010, 15:13

he is so hot, im doing him for a spanish project..

Posted by lauren on 25.May 2011, 12:15

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